Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hotel Booking Abandonment - Part 3

Reducing Hotel Booking Abandonment Continued


  • Security and Privacy


Many visitors to hotel websites, understandably so, have real concerns regarding their privacy and the security of their personal and payment information on websites of any kind. As indicated in the SaleCycle survey, fully 47 percent of guests abandon their hotel booking at the point of either personal or payment information is being asked. Another survey by the payment processing company, Worldpay, found that payment security is, after price, the most important factor to consumers in determining where they book their travel.

Hotels looking to keep their website visitors around long enough to complete a booking successfully, must instill customer confidence in the site. Booking engines should have a professional appearance, always in keeping with the rest of the brand’s website. If a user can’t trust the look and feel of the booking process, then it will never matter how attractive and functional the rest of the website is, no one will book their stay there. Of course, the website must be truly secure and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, along with the professional appearance.


  • Payment

Accepted forms of payment and the actual payment process can create much confusion and frustration for potential customers of hotel websites. Much of these issues can be avoided by introducing payment information, in advance, on the homepage. If consumers are aware of what they need in order to complete their booking, they are much more likely to do so.

This can easily be accomplished by displaying the payment method logos, for example; Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc. This will allow potential guests to see if their preferred method is available to them. Users should know before they begin, what is expected of them in the process of paying for their booking. Information required should be limited to only that which is necessary to complete the transaction. Customers should never be required to fill in information they have already given elsewhere on the website, a second time. Auto fill wherever possible should be utilized. The entire process needs to be simple and quick to completion.

Hoteliers should never expect to keep all of their customers in the booking funnel to the successful completion of their booking. That would be unrealistic, as there will always be some potential guests who abandon the process somewhere along the way. However, there are easily implemented website changes which can minimize hotel booking abandonment.

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