Monday, July 6, 2015

7 UX Concepts That Will Boost Your Business

In an age where technological advancement and user experience go hand in hand, it is important to know how and why your customers react to your website, products/services, and most of all, brand image. To see a dramatic increase in both efficiency and customer attraction, apply these 7 concepts to your business:


UX for Management:

  • Agile Development- a way of developing software that uses iterative planning, the creation of user “stories,” and the delegation of tasks.
  • Analytics- the process of extracting meaning from a broad range of data. This data might include demographics, page views, social media popularity (i.e. likes, shares), reviews, etc.
  • CMS- Content Management System- a system that allows the creation, editing, and management of content from a central location.


UX Design:

  • Balsamiq Mockups- a mockup/prototype creation tool, which is accessible to both Mac and Windows users.
  • Responsive Design- a design that is capable of adjusting between screen sizes (i.e. mobile, tablet, and desktop), while maintaining functionality and aesthetics.  
  • Storyboard- a way of showing a user’s experience with a product/service with a series of portrayed visual events.
  • Usability- how easily a person can learn how to use a product or service, such as an application, website, tool, or any kind of object that they interact with.


These concepts break down into 2 categories: managerial and design. The managerial concepts revolve around the day-to-day operations of the business itself. Such as, iterative product development, and the testing of products in pre-production.

The UX Design concepts are based on the actual product features and details.

Such as, technical layout, mockups, likeability, and functionality of the website, products or services.  

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