Wednesday, July 22, 2015

HITEC 2015 Recap

HITEC 2015 recently took place in Austin, TX from June 16-18, 2015.  Overall, the show was well attended and the City of Austin is definitely favored by the attendees.  I have a few observations from the show, but one thing is clear, electronic door locks are now passé.


Door Locks

It appears that many hoteliers have invested in the electronic door lock craze, but implementations are slow and overall ROI is marginal.  To retrofit existing properties is both time consuming and expensive.  I do believe electronic/NFC capable door locks will be commonplace in the future, but there still is a long way to go in my opinion.  


A Fresh Coat of Paint

The other key observation was longtime technology providers for hospitality are not innovating fast enough, but rather just putting a fresh coat of paint on their existing products.  Above Property has built their multi-cloud, always-on Distributed Reservations platform and Inline Revenue Management module in the last 24 months; that is the exception.  I had more than one conversation at the show on the subject of an industry needing better solutions and a unified/multi-functional platform for hoteliers to take advantage of.


Some New Faces

We have written prior about robotics and hospitality, specifically Savioke,  As Savioke held the space across from Above Property at the show, it was great to see attendees see the possibilities of robotics in the hotel environment.  Savioke produces an R2-D2ish robot that can traverse a hotel and deliver a light payload of drinks or towels and then return to the front desk.  There is definitely applicability of this type of robot in the hotel environment.  While adoption will take it’s own course, I do expect a future of service based robots in hotels.


In 365 Days….

HITEC 2016 is scheduled for New Orleans, LA.  Over the next 365 days, I would expect to see continued consolidation of vendors in all facets of hotel services.  The consolidation will hopefully provide synergistic functionality for all hoteliers, but that will take time.  I can only hope that next year is not another fresh coat of paint on existing products.  I know Above Property will continue to innovate and push the industry forward in the areas of revenue management and distributed reservations. 

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