Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hotels And Leisure Travelers - Part 1

With the summer vacation season here it is prudent to examine the leisure traveler in the context of hotels. The motivations of leisure travelers in regards to hotel selection and return loyalty are distinctly different from business travelers. What expectations are most important to them, what sets them apart from business travelers, and the ways hoteliers can earn and keep their loyalty are all topics we will explore in this blog series.


The Expectations Of Leisure Travelers For Hotels


1 - Reviews 

All travelers are highly motivated by reviews, but leisure travelers to a much greater extent. In the 2014 Google Traveler Study, fully 82 percent take reviews into account in making their hotel purchase decisions. In considering a hotel booking, leisure travelers will completely disregard hotels with a considerable amount of negative reviews. This fact highlights the critical nature of any hotel’s response to negative reviews and the swift resolution of any issues mentioned in them.


2 - Price

Leisure travelers plan their trips because they actually want to travel, and not because they have to or receive an allowance from their employer. Therefore, price, is an important consideration for them. The perception that they are getting a good deal is paramount or at least that they are receiving value for their vacation dollars spent. These travelers will conduct considerable amounts of research, before committing to a hotel booking, in seeking that value as well.


3. Amenities

Leisure travelers are staying at a hotel for pleasure and therefore are looking to be pampered, as well as have an enjoyable experience. Hotel amenities and extra features such as pools, spas, fitness centers, and restaurants on-site are eminently significant to the traveler who is on vacation. Since they are seeking escape from their normal lives, anything that instills a feeling of specialness for them in their hotel experience will add further value to their stay.


4. Packages

Once again, since it is all about the experience for the leisure traveler, anything that will enhance their vacation can be decisive in making a hotel booking choice. Hotel packaging perks such as local area tours, transportation, spa treatments, shows and sporting events are attractive booking incentives for the leisure traveler.

In part two of this series we will examine various approaches hoteliers can take to earn and keep the loyalty of the leisure traveler, especially in the light of their fickle nature. 

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