Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pros And Cons Of Hotels Or Rentals - Part 2

The alternative to hotels provided by vacation rental homes and apartments has been a popular trend, in recent years especially. However, this vacation option is not for everyone and in fact may not be the best choice for most vacationers seeking solace from the stresses of their everyday lives. Hotels, particularly higher end luxury properties in competition with luxury rentals, offer travelers an opportunity for special treatment and pampering not found in the vacation rental experience. But even mid-priced hotels can provide a carefree trip for vacationers.


Advantages Of Hotels


Hotels provide better value than the rental property, for the vacationing traveler, for a number of reasons. The hotel staff and the variety of services they provide to their guests alone make the hotel an exceptional value when costs are compared with rentals. While rental services, such as AirBnB, offer their customers not much more than different surroundings, hotels provide a relaxing respite from the rigors and stresses of everyday life. Staying at a luxury hotel provides a safe and reliable home base when visiting a destination.

The level of service provided at top notch, and even second tier hotel properties, is incomparable to a vacation rental. For example, the hotel room service can be easily reached at a moment's notice to cater to the needs of their guests with food and drinks. The concierge waits at their beck and call to inform a guest about the best area restaurants and other local information. That high level of service standard instills in guests the comfort and security that familiarity and met expectations can bring. Being that many hotels are but one location in a chain can also contribute to that sense of security.

The expectation level hotels regularly meet for their guests extends beyond merely service. Travelers anticipate a great night of sleep wherever they stay, at a hotel or vacation rental. Admittedly, budget priced hotels can fail in this regard, but it can be much more frequently an issue with vacation rental homes. Due to the lack of set standards, the comfort level of bedding and other furniture can wildly vary in vacation rental properties. This also applies to temperature and lighting control as well. Nothing can be worse than trying to sleep in unpleasant temperatures with too much light streaming through the windows.

Many features of hotels, which guests often take for granted, are simply not part of the vacation rental experience. Hotels offer perks for loyal customers including upgrades or free stays, for example. This is unheard of with rental properties and the websites that showcase them. If you are staying in a hotel and there is a problem or issue, the guest can simply change rooms or suites, which is not possible with rentals. If a reservation needs to be canceled or changed it is usually not a problem, often without penalty fees. Vacation rentals usually have extremely rigid cancellation policies. Even with property owners that are more flexible, the fees paid to sites like AirBnB are non-refundable. In addition, most vacation rental properties require a security deposit and sometimes hold guests accountable for normal wear and tear damage. These are much stricter policies than hotels are imposed on their guests.

All things considered, the hotel provides the sort of carefree and relaxing atmosphere conducive to recharging your batteries while on vacation. 

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