Monday, July 13, 2015

What Do Hotel Guests Really Want



Over the course of time, what the typical hotel guest wants has changed drastically. Forever lost are the days when most travelers just wanted a place to stay with a warm bed and a roof over their heads. In today’s world, travelers want to make their stay at a hotel part of the whole travel experience. As a traveler’s wants and needs have become more sophisticated and nuanced, hotels have had to adapt their ways to what the “new” traveler wants.

Basic amenities such as, wireless Internet, flat screen televisions, indoor or outdoor pools, and safety and security, are just scratching the surface as to what amenities the new travelers want in their hotel experience. Many would prefer the hotel to be more like a destination resort. They now look for amenities that used to be only reserved for the more “high end” hotels, such as luxurious beds, pillow and mattress choices, high quality toiletries, mobile check in and check out, several room size options, a housekeeping department that pays attention to every detail, and a hotel staff that is welcoming and attentive to all of a guest’s needs and wants.

As hotel room rates rise, today’s traveler wants more amenities included in the price of the room such as, free breakfast, free parking, free fast Wi-Fi, and access to free higher quality coffee and tea.

Today’s hotel guests also want to feel like they are at a home away from home. Many hotel customers would like to have comfortable couches and chairs in the lobby, plenty of spots to socialize with each other, the ability to keep up with their exercise routine; with a gym or fitness center, and access to quality washers and dryers. Business guests appreciate having large meeting spaces to conduct business meetings.

Travelers have become more tech-savvy, so when planning trips they want hotels to have well designed websites with clear high quality photos and information about that individual hotel as well as easy to book reservations through the website. They also want hotels to interact with them through social media such as, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, have the ability to book rooms through those very platforms.

With guest's needs and desires changing, and travel becoming much more accessible and easier to more and more people, it will be interesting to see where all of this takes the hotel industry over the next several years.  

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