Monday, August 3, 2015

Hospitality News For The Week Of 7/31/15


Survey finds Wi-Fi now considered a utility, not an amenity


A recently published survey found that Wi-Fi is now a utility in the minds of a majority of hotel guests, not unlike water or electricity. The study conducted by Hotel Internet Services, polled 500 hotel guests and approximately 200 hoteliers seeking their opinions on the subject. An important takeaway from the survey is the desire of hotel guests for free Wi-Fi combined with their willingness, a 53 percent majority, to pay extra for broader bandwidth. Full Story Here:


STR: US hotel results for week ending 25 July


Figures from STR indicate that U.S. hotels recorded positive numbers industrywide for the week of 19-25 July 2015. Compared to the same time period last year, occupancy was up 1.5 percent to 79.1 percent. Average daily rate during the week was higher by 5.1 percent, reaching $125.04. An increase of 6.6 percent was attained for the week in revenue per available room, rising to $98.91 for the week. Full Story Here:


Led By Profits, U.S. Hotel Industry Leading [HIL] Indicator Rose In June


Future business activity at U.S. hotels is predicted to be positive, according to industry growth rate projections by The composite indicator for hotels rose by 0.6 percent during June 2015, reaching 122.3, this followed an increase 0.4 percent in May. The benchmark figure is set at 100 for the year 2005. The projections cite lower energy costs resulting in greater consumer confidence and their increased willingness to travel. Full Story Here:


[Infographic] Sojern’s Q2 Global Travel Insights Report Uncovers New Globally Trending Destinations and Offers Travel Forecast


In its Q2 2015 Global Travel Insights Report, Sojern has indicated a general trend among worldwide travelers to seek nearby travel destinations. The study points out how travelers are foregoing long distance travel and instead making more local and regional trips. The United States, Spain, and Italy were the three most searched for destinations, While London was the most highly sought after city in the world. Full Story Here:


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