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Hotels And Leisure Travelers - Part 2

While airlines have found their various loyalty programs to be remarkably fruitful in garnering loyal passengers, hotels have not achieved the same level of success with their programs. Recently, the travel research firm, Phocuswright, reported that only 47 percent of leisure travelers in the U.S. belong to a hotel brand loyalty program. In contrast, roughly 8 in 10 air travelers belong to an airline loyalty program. Furthermore, Phocuswright has found that even though 65 percent of all U.S. travelers chose airlines for their mode of travel, a compelling 93 percent chose a hotel for their accommodations at least once in the same year. These figures indicate the vast potential for growth in hotel loyalty programs, particularly in regards to leisure travelers.


Earning And Keeping Hotel Leisure Traveler Loyalty

The Phocuswright report offers this possible explanation for this disparity. The differences between the nature of the airlines and hotels may provide some answers as to why this is the case. For example, there are ample choices for travelers to select from among hotel brands, while the airline industry provides much fewer choices. But the study does show that there is ample room for improvement in guest participation among the hotel industry’s loyalty programs.

Building customer loyalty among the ranks of the leisure traveler may prove challenging for any hotel. However, there are a number of changes and additions hotels can implement which may prove pleasing to leisure travelers. A recent study by separated what is most important to leisure travelers, from hotel perks which are just not of any significance to them. Here are a few takeaways from their research.


1. Free Wi-Fi -

This hotel perk is still significant for leisure travelers, although to a lesser extent than for business travelers. Nevertheless, 53 percent, a full majority of U.S. leisure travelers would like to see free Wi-Fi become standard at all hotels. One quarter make their booking decision based on this hotel offering as a must-have criteria for patronage.


2. Free Breakfast -

Food and beverage items make up the second most compelling group of hotel perks sought by leisure travelers. In the survey, 22 percent of U.S. vacationers consider a free breakfast offering essential in making their hotel booking decisions. 27 percent would like to see free breakfast become the standard by which all hotels operate. Furthermore, 32 percent think complimentary in-room bottled water should be included in their accommodations. By contrast, a commonly found amenity in many hotels, the minibar, is declining in importance for leisure travelers. Nearly a quarter of U.S. leisure travelers say they never use them.


3. In-Room Conveniences

Hi-tech conveniences in hotel rooms are another amenity desired by leisure travelers. 22 percent of those surveyed would like to have their accommodations feature one remote control with multiple functionality. Another 15 percent would like to have docking stations for their devices in every room as well. On the other hand, phones in bathrooms are not used by very many, and cordless phones are not considered necessary or desired at all.

Some hotels have also garnered higher rates of leisure traveler participation in loyalty programs by offering borrowing policies, which provide commonly needed items for guests. This enables them to pack less for their vacations. Clearly, as shown in the Phocuswright report, there is a great opportunity for hoteliers to build upon and grow their leisure guest loyalty.  

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