Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keeping Your Office Secure

We thought we had our office relatively secure, until we had an unauthorized person enter our suite and walk through the office after hours one evening.  He immediately set the alarm off, but just took a leisurely stroll through the office anyway.  We’re not sure if he realized that we had cameras, but he didn’t seem to care that the alarm was blaring very loudly (and it is EXTREMELY loud).  He had no business being in our suite, but he was able to enter because he was working in another area of the building and had a master key.

So what should a company do to protect themselves? We’ve given this quite a bit of thought since our incident occurred. Here are a few additional security measures that we have implemented or are in the process of implementing in our office suite.

  • We already had an alarm system, so this one was already in place. This was helpful because, even though the man walked around our suite, we believe he didn’t have enough time to steal any items. Therefore, it was worth having the alarm, especially with the two additional cameras that we have through the alarm company. They recorded his movement through the office, which helped the building owners identify him.

  • Add additional cameras to make sure every area of your office is covered. We’re in the process of adding more cameras to ours.

  • If you work on a laptop computer, make sure you bring it home every evening.  If someone does enter your office, they won’t be tempted to steal yours from your desk. Laptops are easy targets for criminals to steal.  All data on computers, both desktop and laptop, should be encrypted and password protected.

  • Make sure to record all serial numbers from hardware that is in your office. If stolen, this helps in recovering these items.

  • Don’t leave any valuables lying around your office workspace. Lockup any valuables or take them home with you.

  • Keep your employees safe. Make it a rule; no one works alone at the office after hours, and the last employees leaving the suite, locks up and puts on the alarm.

  • If possible, during the day when the office is open for business, add a key fob/card entry system and add a doorbell. This will eliminate unauthorized personnel or intruders from entering undetected when everyone is busy working at their desks.

  • Be aware. When you have maintenance/service people coming into your office, ask for their ID’s to verify their presence in your suite.

So if you own a business or work in an office, implementing all or most of these precautions will help you stay safe, and keep your business from being an easy target for criminals.

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