Monday, August 10, 2015

The Internet of Things And The Hotel Experience - Part 2

The implementation of the Internet of Things into a hotel’s daily operations has the power to transform much more than merely the guest experience. The hotel staff’s abilities to perform their operational roles will be greatly enhanced, while the physical property can function at a much higher rate of efficiency. This will result in measurable cost-savings for hoteliers.

Hotel Efficiency
Hotels may now choose to arm their staff with smart tablets and mobile phones, connected in the cloud through the Internet of Things, along with software, which connects their employees together. Those hotel employees so equipped are empowered to take control and provide exceptional levels of highly individualized customer service, previously unattainable. They can then share such information with other staff members so they can benefit as well, improving the guest experience companywide.
Every aspect of the physical hotel property can also see improved levels of efficiency and function as well. IoT technology has the capability to monitor and control building energy consumption, HVAC systems, motorized systems such as elevators, and environmental factors including noise levels. Everything mechanical or electrical can become IoT enabled
Energy management is one facet of the Internet of Things adoption that stands to greatly profit hoteliers. An IoT enabled system can control much more than merely turning lights on and off. Because of the nature of the industry, hotels tend to be energy wasters. IoT can sense when guests are gone and keep power consumption under control when the room is not in use. Additionally, the IoT can monitor electrical outlets and alert hotel staff of any problems.
The energy efficiency implications of IoT for heating and air conditioning control are astounding and can be taken a step further to enable air handler motors to report when a breakdown is approaching. Mechanical devices such as elevators can send messages to their manufacturers that they require maintenance. Further, noise levels are an important point of consideration to weary travelers. IoT enabled devices can even keep track of noise and inform management if problematic levels are reached.
The Internet of Things will, in the not too distant future, transform all of our lives. Hotels stand to profit greatly, maybe even more than most industries, from its adoption.

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