Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Generational Marketing For Hotels - Part 4

Generation X
Sometimes referred to as the “Lost” or “Forgotten” Generation, members of Generation X are gradually transitioning into their middle age and gaining some respectability. Born between 1965 and roughly 1980, they are now mostly raising families and in the prime of their working careers. Being much smaller in size, as compared to those that came before and after them, they are often overlooked in many ways and by more than just hoteliers. Despite being third in population size (roughly 60 million) to the brash Baby Boomers and hip Millennials who came before and after them, this would amount to a serious oversight by hotel marketers.

They Care About Family
For the majority of Gen X’ers, raising a family is their number one priority at this time. This should always be a central tenet of marketing to this demographic group. Since much of this generation’s current travel plans revolve around family vacations, considerations such as security and value, combined with fun, should be emphasized in targeted marketing efforts aimed at Generation X.
Another important factor to Gen X’ers is their careers, in which by providing for their families this generation is in their prime. Generation X, along with Millennial business travelers, is also mixing work with pleasure to a much greater extent than those who traveled for business before them.

They Care About Their Health
With middle age rapidly descending upon them, Gen X’ers are becoming increasingly health conscious. Amazingly, they are thinking of their health to a larger extent than the Baby Boomer generation before them. This generational trend can be best leveraged by a hotel which offers healthy choices on the restaurant menu and provides exercise and training facilities, in addition to offering cooking and Pilates classes for example. Presenting a weekend getaway as beneficial to health and well-being, will strike a chord with the Generation X traveler.

They Care About The World They Live In
Generation X has traditionally had a strong commitment to the earth’s environment and issues surrounding the welfare of our planet. But as they age, Gen X’ers have taken that care for their world a step further. They seek to protect and nurture more than the environment. This extends to every aspect of their lives, homes, and their savings as well. Generation X seeks safety and security for their world, any hotel marketing effort that taps into those feelings can win over the Gen X’er. Promoting water conservation programs, on towels and toilets by example, will show that your hotel shares their same sensibilities.
Generation X travelers are highly loyal, but in a different way than the generations before and after them. Largely skeptical of closely following brands, their loyalty can be earned however, the old fashioned way. Gen X’ers will return again and again to hotels, which provide excellent service, facilities, and value.

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