Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hotels And The Senior Traveler

The “Baby Boomer” generation is now reaching retirement age, and advances in medicine are helping this generation,  sometimes referred to as the “Silent” generation, live longer and more active lives. There has never been a time with more senior citizens making up our population than right now. And many of these seniors have plenty of time on their hands, combined with financial abundance, enabling them to travel freely. This amounts to a sizable market of potential hotel guests. Many hotels have tried to earn the patronage of the senior traveler merely by offering “senior discounts,” forgetting that it might take much more to earn and keep the patronage of the most experienced of travelers.
Making hotels more appealing to a rapidly aging population should be centered on changes in attitude and the training of staff to be more sensitive to the needs of seniors. Instilling an awareness in hotel staff that human capabilities, such as strength, stamina, hearing, sight, and balance decline with age. And an appreciation of these facts is important in anticipating the needs of seniors. This is crucial for providing outstanding hotel service to those guests.
Another factor to be taken into consideration is the way most seniors, Baby Boomers in particular, dismiss the facts surrounding their age. They do not like being treated as seniors, despite the reality of their age, because they still think of themselves as young. Hotel marketing to seniors should appeal to their attitudes and sensibilities, not their age. Marketing efforts focusing on how the hotel stay will provide enrichment, wellness, and fun, will make those appeals stronger. In addition to the anticipating needs, be sure to provide an excellent quality of service to seniors.
Hotel rate pricing is another point which seniors are often misunderstood by hoteliers. Conventional preconceptions view seniors as frugal and that they only seek the least expensive way of travel. Nothing could be more untrue in reality. Seniors, being seasoned travelers, know what they like since they research travel extensively and have experience. What they are really seeking is to receive value for the money they spend on travel. In this regards as well, it is best for hotels to be very clear and forthright about any ancillary hotel charges seniors may incur while a guest.
Seniors, particularly Baby Boomers, will encompass significantly increasing numbers of hotel guests going forward in time. Finding the right hotel marketing message is imperative for hoteliers who wish to leverage this growing guest market.  

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