Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to compete with large hotel chains

Until recently, small independent hotels simply could not compete with large name brand hotel chains. That is all changing now.
In recent years there has been a shift in hotel trends as more and more people are booking their rooms online and relying on online reviews rather than just sticking with brand names that they know. Millennials are seeking a more one of a kind and personalized experience that large chains cannot provide. With this change in mind, small independent hotels should try to take full advantage, by providing a much more personalized experience that the Millennials are craving.
There are several ways to connect with your hotel guests to give them a more unique memorable experience. Ideas such as, creating partnerships with local companies and using local farms for the produce for the meals served in your restaurants or room service. Having a true connection with your local area and city will give your guests an experience that they might not get from larger chains.
Independent hotels should also have a large web presence, with a user friendly website, and interact with future and past guests on social media. By doing this, you make guests feel very important and that you care. Don’t forget to ask them for online reviews, and when reviews are given, respond to them quickly, whether it is a good or bad review.
You should also partner with online travel agencies (OTAs). This will allow guests to book their rooms, fights, tours and activities all in one convenient spot making it easier for them, as well as OTAs to market your hotel to a lot more people.
And finally, provide exceptional customer service and encourage your employees to go above and beyond. By doing so, you are providing guests with better service than large chains can provide and showing your guests that you are loyal to them.

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