Thursday, September 10, 2015

Work Day Time Management Techniques

Getting as many tasks done in your work day can be very difficult with all of the distractions that occur on a given day.  We notice with our business that there are days in which the distractions are endless.  But with some small changes, it’s possible to get all of your goals done for the day, with some time to spare. Listed below are some good habits acquire.

  • When you first get to work, prioritize and plan your tasks that you would like to get done that day. Try and get the most important and difficult ones done while you’re fresh in the morning (if you’re a morning person).  Don’t procrastinate, which with more difficult tasks people tend to do.

  • Schedule a begin date and an end date for your tasks. This way you won’t get bored or spend too much time on one task.  We use a task manager tool, called, Rally. It’s great for keeping track and scheduling tasks, and for updating the time spent on those tasks, and checking to see how the company’s tasks are coming along over a period of time. Also, turn your cell phone off or on silent if it’s too distracting for you.

  • Plan on some interruptions, as they are part of work life. When you are in the middle of an important work session or when there’s a crunch time, close your door and tell others that you can’t be disturbed for some amount of time.
  • Don’t let Facebook, Twitter, internet searches, emails, etc. distract you for too long. You can always schedule some time for them during a break. You should always make sure you allot some down time or small breaks. After your break, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and get more done.
  • You need to produce good quality work, but try not to be too much of a perfectionist. Many of us spend way too many hours out of a day making something that we’re working on perfect, and second-guessing ourselves.
  • Organize your workspace, which will make it easier to find things.
  • Delegate work, if you’ve taken on too much work. Other co-workers would be happy to help out if they have extra time.
  • If you’re old school, use a day planner, or if you’re more tech savvy, plan the day or week on your cell phone calendar or Google calendar by adding new events/tasks.

With all of our very busy lives these days, finding a little bit of extra time to reward ourselves at the end of a difficult task or work day is a great thing. If you implement even just a few of these time management techniques you’ll get more done, and have time for some breaks in your work day.

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