Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Content Marketing For Hotels - Social Media

The hospitality industry has a distinct advantage, in regards to content marketing, over other industries. Yes, it is the job of a hotel to provide shelter to travelers, but most hotels offer so much more to their customers. Particularly for leisure travelers, hotels are always connected to some degree with fun and relaxation or even adventure. Given a positive experience, hotels clearly make a pleasurable association in the minds of their customers. Hospitality can be a visually stunning industry as well. Hoteliers have access to a plethora of relevant content, which is tailor made for sharing across a variety of social media networks. Hotels and social media marketing are therefore a natural fit.

Given their association with fun, hotels instill in many people a desire to connect with them online. However, there are an ever-growing number of social platforms and it is crucial to reach the hotel’s proper audience. Take the time to research which social networks the hotel’s prospects are present and begin posting only on those platforms. In the course of reaching out to engage with the public via social media, take care to treat every social network as a unique platform. Never just blast the same identical message across all the possible channels simultaneously. Social media posts should always be crafted with the individual style singularities of each network in mind. It is also always important to remember the original purposes of social media, connection and engagement.

Social media does offer an excellent opportunity to share a hotel company blog. Be sure it is relevant, informative, and helpful to its audience, as opposed to blatantly broadcasting the latest company marketing message. For example, if presented in an informative manner, a wide variety of social networks can be appropriate for providing information regarding services available on the hotel property at additional cost. Up-selling customers is just one of many ways social media can be leveraged properly, while helping future guests plan their vacations.

It is imperative to seek out which social networks the hotel’s guests spend their time. However, there are a few platform choices which are rather ubiquitous or vitally important to any hotel and need to be included. Facebook, which would be the largest country on earth if it were a nation, is always an important choice because of its sheer size. Google Local will help the hotel be found on searches and literally put it on the map as well. Additionally, the Google platform provides an excellent showcase for the hotel’s basic contact information, reviews and star ratings. In all posts the importance of including images and/or videos cannot be overstressed. This is because of increased engagement with the audience and the higher visibility to search engines.

Social media content marketing is crucial to the hospitality industry because of the presence of its customers on social networks, while simultaneously being completely advantageous to hoteliers due to the higher visual nature of hotels and travel brands. 

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