Thursday, January 28, 2016

Content Marketing For Hotels - Blogging

One of the foundations of content marketing for hoteliers is keeping up with a hotel blog. A blog, posted on a consistently regular basis, will drive repeat online traffic resulting in increased direct bookings. It also should give the hotel’s website a SEO boost as well. A well written, informative hotel blog needs to be much more than merely self-serving. It must reflect a degree of empathy with its audience, hotel customers and prospects - travelers, and share the kind of information they would seek regarding the hotel and its surroundings. With that in mind, here are a number of suggested hotel blog topics.


  1. Local Area

The possibilities available for blog subject matter are only limited by the local region surrounding the hotel. Blogs about local restaurants, attractions, and culture for example would be most useful to travelers to the hotel’s area. Other local topics to blog about could include upcoming or ongoing events such as sports, concerts, or civic activities like parades. Activities the locale is known for, such as skiing in the mountains for example, can blogged about to inform guests and maybe even entice them to join in the fun. Blogs about the hotel’s local area as a destination can lead to direct bookings if persuasively written.


     2.  Travel Tips

Since travel is at the center of a hotel’s business, hoteliers have intimate knowledge regarding the pitfalls facing travelers that lead to stress. Trip planning, packing tips, and a checklist of things to bring along on a trip to the hotel are good examples of this type of blog post. Both past guests and future prospects alike will greatly appreciate posts such as these, since they can help prevent future headaches for the traveler. The appreciation can result directly in hotel bookings when the blog posts are perceived by the audience as truly helpful.


     3.  Hotel Itself

There probably is much more to blog about regarding the hotel itself than may be readily apparent. Go beyond the subject of the hotel’s features, amenities and services, to writing about the staff, maybe even tied in with an employee incentive program. Special events hosted on hotel property make interesting subjects as well. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the hotel could lead to a whole series of blog posts. Inviting happy guests to share their experiences, and photographs, in the form of customer testimonials can be very compelling to readers especially in light of the public’s interest in reading reviews. Other blog subject possibilities might include guest  surveys, contest giveaways, and promotional events. Just be careful to limit the frequency of promotions so as to not appear too spammy and self-promotive.

Through all these blog posts be sure to always include plenty of images and even video when possible. This will help search engines find the hotel’s blog and give it the ranking it needs, while drawing the reader’s attention with visual material. A hotel blog can and should perform a public service by being helpful and informative for travelers, while simultaneously promoting the hotel. 

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