Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Content Marketing For Hotels - Contests

A highly effective tool for hospitality content marketing is the contest. Contests can drive user generated content for hotels while building trust with consumers in the process. They can also easily enable the collection of customer and future prospect information while simultaneously expanding the hotel’s fan base. A hotel contest will additionally increase website and social media traffic, resulting in higher numbers of direct bookings.  In contrast to other industries, a promotional contest offered by a hotel can appear more attractive to the public due to the nature of hospitality and travel.

Facebook, due to its ubiquity, is clearly the best platform for running a hotel contest. The social media giant also offers many apps suitable for running and managing the contest. A few things to consider in this regard include making sure the app used is optimized for mobile and offers fraud protection to filter out scammers. This way the fans recruited through the promotion really are true fans. Also, be sure the app allows embedding in your website for cross connection of your fan base. One of the most important purposes of any hotel promotional campaign is the gathering of fan information, so the app must collect the email addresses and other identifying information as well.

The use of hashtags will ensure the contest will have a much more successful outcome. Allowing users the ability to attach unique and cleverly phrased hashtags to their uploaded content will build an audience for their submissions. This spreads the hotel’s brand beyond the confines of it’s own page, raising awareness in doing so. This technique is most effective on Instagram, which adds the simplified functionality for users of posting directly to their account and entering the contest by adding hashtags provided by the hotel.

Given the visual nature of hospitality, photo or video contests with customer submitted content is ideal for a Facebook hotel content marketing campaign. This is a perfect engagement tool and also provides user-generated content for the hotel’s page at the same time. Guests will enjoy sharing photos of their stay with other fans, in addition to their friends and family. A hotel marketing photo contest will drive the word of mouth nature of social media interaction, as guests enthusiastically share their experiences at your hotel and its surrounding destination area with others. Judging the winner can either be left up to the hotel or even be accomplished through fan voting, which would power up even more brand engagement and awareness. Also, it is helpful if the app allows the moderation of images submitted by fans to avoid any inappropriateness ahead of time.

A Facebook photo contest is a powerful way for hotels to draw in their most passionate fans and gain their continued loyalty, while showcasing the hotel property and it’s destination in the best light. 

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