Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Content Marketing For Hotels - User Generated Content

Marketing content, generated by a hotel’s customers themselves, can be a highly effective technique for hoteliers to build their brand while engaging with their guests. This content can consist of everything from photos or videos to blog posts and hotel reviews. Anything customers post online in regards to the hotel, on social media or elsewhere, can become a powerful marketing tool to be leveraged by hoteliers.

Particularly on social media, the word of mouth nature of such posts can have a profound effect on hotel bookings. Studies have consistently indicated the elevated level of trust at which consumers hold such content, as opposed to brand-created content. The social media explosion and the proliferation of review sites has made user generated content readily available to hoteliers. Hotels willing to encourage consumers in its creation by providing them the right opportunities will reap the benefits of doing so.



Reviews of hotels wield tremendous influence and power on the making of travel plans by consumers. Today, there are any number of platforms for hotel guests to share their experiences and opinions with others. On dedicated travel review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor and many social media networks like Facebook and Google , hotel customers should be encouraged to leave their comments and ideas. This goes for both positive and negative commentary. Guests should be encouraged to leave their opinions while currently on property, or at the very least, shortly thereafter.


Social Media

Social media networks are fantastic platforms for encouraging guests to share content about their hotel stay. Since travelers are going to be sharing many aspects of their trips on social networks anyway, hoteliers should ask them to tag the hotel with every photo shared or social mention. Hoteliers should ask questions or take informal surveys and post the responses with any related images and videos which are shared by fans. Users can be encouraged to participate with incentives such as free meals or drinks in the hotel’s restaurant/bar, for example.

Hotel social media presence needs to be promoted at all opportunities. This should include all signage, as well as printed material in rooms and handouts. This is in addition to the hotel website and all emails to customers and prospects. The hoteliers should create special hashtags with which to arm their followers in order for the posts of fans to facilitate lead generation across multiple channels. Hotels can further the reach of any related posts by re-sharing the posts and images of their followers, along with great reviews of the hotel property on other outlets online.

User generated content is the finest content for hotels to build brand recognition and loyalty. The experiences of past guests presented in an authentic manner by the hotel should be considered the goal when it comes to user generated content.   

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