Friday, February 19, 2016

Hospitality News For The Week Of 2/19/16

Super Bowl 50 Scores Highest Weekend Hotel Rate of Any of the Past Six Super Bowl Host Markets

According to a report last week by STR Inc., Super Bowl 50 scored the highest weekend hotel rate, compared to the past six Super Bowl host markets. The San Francisco and San Jose markets combined had an average daily rate of US$402.60 for February 5-7th. In 2013 New Orleans ADR reached US$393.04 for Super Bowl weekend. Full story here:


Marriott International Q4 2015 Net Income Up 3 Percent 

Marriott International, Inc. reported yesterday their 4th quarter net income for 2015 was $202 million, which was an increase of 3 percent over their 2014 fourth quarter. Their fourth quarter diluted earnings per share (EPS) totaled $0.77, which is a 13 percent increase over diluted EPS in the last quarter of 2014. Full story here:


Wyndham Development Update Latin America And The Caribbean

Wyndham Hotel Group has announced outstanding growth for 2015.   The company opened 38 hotels and an addition of 5,089 rooms in Latin America and the Caribbean, which is a 90% increase over 2014. Wyndham has expanded in this region to more than 18,917 rooms at 157 properties. Full story here:


Google Explains Local Search Results: What Hotels Need to Know to Improve Rankings

When most travelers start their travel planning most of them begin searching on Google. Click through rates are influenced by where a hotel will show up in the rankings. Google shared a blog last week which provided information into how it calculates local search rankings. They noted that a business’s relevance, distance, and prominence primarily influence local results. Full story here:


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