Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hotel Marketing With Instagram - Part 2

Instagram Best Practices For Hoteliers

The rapidly growing social media network, Instagram, is a great platform for the visual marketing of any hotel. For hoteliers considering using Instagram, here are some best practices and ideas for leveraging the social network.



Posting photos and brief videos is the purpose of Instagram, putting the social network in alignment with the visual content marketing goals of hoteliers. Instagram is perfect for telling a hotel’s story through images. Whatever unique features, amenities, or services, which set a hotel apart, should be showcased in high quality images. Be sure to include compelling photos and videos highlighting the hotel’s surrounding destination as well. The people who make up the hotel’s staff also make wonderful subject matter. Travelers today also want to fully experience the cuisine at a destination, enticing food photos make excellent Instagram hotel content. The intent should be with all image selections is to give potential guests some idea, visually, what awaits them upon arrival on the hotel property.



The use of hashtags is essential to promoting any hotel on Instagram. This is because both users and brands can easily find photos with them, on account of the fact that links cannot be added to posts on Instagram. Additionally, they are a great tool for stirring up engagement on the platform. The hotel should create its own unique hashtag as well. It should always be short, straightforward and directly to the point. Branded hashtags empower hotel customers to act as ambassadors, promoting the hotel to others. The use of hashtags however should be limited to three or four per post, so as to not appear like spam.



Considering that text is minimal on Instagram, captions can be critical to successfully telling your hotel’s story. Be sure to use tags within the captions to better connect the stories and pictures to other related posts, both by the hotel and others. Also, it is extremely important considering the industry for hotels to use location tags within the captions as well. This is the only way for Instagram users to find the hotel’s posts within the context of location. Sharing the content of guests and featuring pictures of them is also imperative. Doing so plants the thought of booking the hotel in the heads of prospects because they can picture themselves in the images enjoying their stay. Additionally, user generated content builds the relationship between the hotel and its guests.

Instagram offers hoteliers a social media platform well suited to the visual nature of hotels and the hospitality industry. Promoting a hotel with pictures and videos on Instagram is both foresighted and fruitful for hoteliers worldwide. 

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