Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hotel Channel Management

Hotels today must continually perform a complicated balancing act in the process of distributing their room inventory successfully. Online distribution from a myriad of sources has led to hotels receiving differing post commission rates, and the resultant varying revenue for the same hotel room. A multi-channel strategy is imperative for hotels of any size, chain or independent, in order to remain competitive. Because each channel has specific costs built-in which must be incurred by the hotel, effective channel management is essential in order for a property to meet its revenue goals.


It is also vitally important for any hotel to know its customers, this is especially true for an independent hotel. Valuable resources must be allocated to the proper channels, whether direct or indirect, and at the right time. Hoteliers should inquire how each of its guests were inspired to book their hotel stays, and then concentrate the hotel’s efforts on the best yielding channels.


With such a wide range of distribution points, hoteliers require a tool to assist in keeping track of and to maximize the revenue available from any given hotel room. Avoiding overbooking is an important facet as well, given all the possible sales outlets. Inventory can be updated immediately by an automated channel manager. Channel management software can simplify and restore some degree of control over hotel rates to hoteliers, where it belongs. An effective channel manager will also report what channels yield the best results and reveal which channels fall short of expectations.


Channel Management System - CHMS


You won’t switch this channel

The Above Property Channel Management module enables full control of rate and inventory distribution. OTA, GDS, Wholesalers, Metasearch, and are controlled within the Above Property Travel Platform. Maximize revenue by seamlessly managing rates and inventory while recognizing your most valuable channels. Operating in a fully distributed cloud environment, the Above Property Property Channel Management module can integrate with existing systems as well as take advantage of the full suite of complementary modules within the Above Property Travel Platform.



  • Full distribution channel control

  • Centralized pricing and inventory controls by channel

  • Real-time optimizations with Inline Revenue Management®

  • Analytics, metrics, and feedback available in real time

  • Works with existing systems

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