Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hotel Booking Abandonment Retargeting

Hoteliers strive everyday to encourage customers to stay and book directly with their hotel. And everyday, potential customers abandon the booking process somewhere along the way. A few may come back to complete their journey through the hotel booking funnel, but unfortunately many will not return. The variety of reasons for this reality has been well documented, along with methods to minimize booking abandonment. There are a number of strategies which can be implemented to bring them back into the booking process and see them through to successful completion.

This is what the process of re-engagement with users who left the hotel website is called. What ever their reasons may be for not completing the booking process, these are extremely good prospects who have clearly shown some degree of enthusiasm for the hotel. There is a very good probability that eventually, when they are ready, they will actually book a particular hotel, but it may not be via the hotel’s website. The eventual booking may take place through a different channel, costing the hotel fees and commissions in the process. Retargeting can effectively bring back home potential hotel guests which may otherwise have been lost for good. It can accomplish this in a number of ways.

1. Email
By capturing the email address in the early stages of the booking process, hoteliers can be sure to have a pathway back to lost prospects. One effective technique, is to offer a discounted rate if they return to complete the booking. Receiving a smaller percentage of room revenue is a much lesser sacrifice than the amount which would be given up in a reservation taken by an online travel agency. Another is to offer the prospective guest deals on hotel services or food & beverages, for example. Customizing retargeting messages to the individual and their preferences can help ensure success in this endeavor, as well.

2. Social Media
Reaching out to potential guests who have begun the booking process, or even just visited the hotel website, with retargeted ads on their social media network of choice can be extremely compelling. Most people spend their time on social media during their leisure time and may be more spontaneous and willing to commit in those moments. By using a relaxed and friendly tone in the ads, connection is more likely established and the website visitor successfully converted into a paying guest.

3. Website
Taking the social media retargeting a step further will entail having your brand follow the user to other websites they visit. While a popular technique, the risk of offending the individual user is always possible. With that in mind, it’s best to put limits on the frequency of those retargeted ads. However, the occasional reminder may be all that’s needed to encourage an already interested website visitor to book their hotel stay after all.

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