Thursday, April 14, 2016

Real-Time Data For Hotels

In the endless struggle for every direct booking dollar between Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and hoteliers, the OTA’s rely on Big Data to maintain their predominance. Big Data is the collection and analysis of consumer hotel search and buying information, used to determine macro-trends in the hospitality industry. Armed with this data, OTA’s have built upon their large-scale domination of the booking process for hotels. While OTA’s do provide hotels a valuable service by filling hotel rooms which might have gone unoccupied, their market dominance costs hoteliers significant fees and commissions. However, hotels have a powerful tool at their disposal with which they can gain the edge over OTAs in the form of Real-Time Data.

While the OTAs have access to a vast amount of data regarding the big picture, they are seriously lacking information about each, individual hotel customer. This is where the local hotel property excels, in the collection of data from its guests. This data may include their room preferences and upgrade requests, dining selections, and any special services; such as spa treatments the customer may have requested while on-property.

The data may be gathered through any direct contact between the hotel and the customer, by means of face to face conversation, phone conversations, or the hotel website. Customer information garnered on the hotel’s website will include valuable demographics and location data as well. The one-on-one interaction, outside the digital realm, between hotel staff and guests is the most powerful. The OTAs never have direct contact with their customers such as this. 


If properly utilized, this valuable Real-Time Data will empower hoteliers to more effectively tailor their marketing messages to each guest individually. Through content personalization and market segmentation hotels can better craft those messages to specific customers. Customers will in turn respond much more favorably to marketing content, which they find to be relevant to their lives. Real-Time Data, transformed into completely relevant hotel marketing messages, is a tool that can stem the tide for hotels against exorbitant OTA commissions funneling off vital hotel revenues.

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