Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hospitality And The Technology Lag - Part 1

Today, many hotels are giving up large streams of revenue to the online travel agencies (OTAs) many hoteliers wring their hands and feel it is a lost cause. There is a very definitive answer to the question of how to garner more direct bookings and improve the revenue flow of hotels...it’s called technology. Hospitality has been lagging behind other industries in the adoption of new technologies, especially for one so customer facing as hotels. Online travel agencies on the other hand, have built up their success around investing in the user experience in many innovative ways to which they have reaped the benefits.

The reasons for this unfortunate situation that hoteliers have found themselves in is somewhat understandable, yet mostly created by misconceptions about the various technologies and their impact. Often cited reasons include lack of funding and concerns that technological improvements will result in staff redundancy issues, leading to job loses. These concerns, combined with the general fear of change found in organizations both large and small, are holding the hospitality industry back from reaching its true potential.


Lack of Funds

This is probably the most profound misconception concerning the adoption of new technologies by hoteliers. The answer lies “above” in the cloud, the computing cloud. Emerging technologies are available to the hospitality industry involving the utilization of cloud-based technology for core services without the investment in elaborate hardware or extensive staffing requirements. Systems that perform all the functions necessary to successfully operate either a single hotel or the largest chains, and do so quickly and efficiently, will streamline hotel operations in the future.

The industry, generally speaking, is holding on to antiquated legacy central reservation systems and still relying on locally stored data infrastructures, with their attendant high costs in hardware, maintenance, and staff. Cloud-based systems featuring all the functionality required by hotels to successfully operate are available to the industry at present and going forward. These systems, much like the Above Property system, are hosted entirely in the cloud and require very little in the way of dedicated hardware. They also feature lightning fast response times while offering immense scalability.

In part two of this series we will attempt to dispel more myths and misconceptions surrounding advances in technology and their lack of adoption by the hospitality industry.



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