Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hospitality And The Technology Lag - Part 2

In the competition for the direct hotel bookings of consumers, hoteliers are clearly losing out to the online travel agencies (OTAs). OTAs build their websites around the customer, their needs, and preferences. The user experience is the priority on OTA sites. This is in contrast to many hotel proprietary websites, of which many are not as user-friendly as those of the OTAs. In regards to mobile, this is yet another example of the technological lag in the hospitality industry. This lag in technology advancement is ultimately only hurting those hoteliers lacking the vision to see clear to new revenue generating possibilities.


Staff Redundancy 

Another concern often cited for lack of technological adoption in the hospitality industry is that it will create staff redundancies. In other words, the greater efficiencies brought about by the integration of mobile and other technologies will result in the loss of jobs.

The fear is that technology will take over the jobs performed by people. However, nothing could be further from reality.

Technology will not replace members of the hotel staff, but rather empower them to provide guests with greater and more personalized customer service. Hotel staff will have an opportunity for improved interaction and engagement with their guests. Today’s traveler sees their mobile device as an extension of their hand that has fully integrated the technology into their lives. This extends into all of their travels as well. Many customers arrive on hotel property with the expectation of fully utilizing all the capabilities of their mobile devices while away from home.             

Mobile technology can also be implemented by hotels in the area of hotel operations and the management of personnel. The daily tasks of running a hotel, many of which are time-sensitive, can be more effectively scheduled and managed through mobile workforce apps that give staff the ability to mark off assignments as they complete them. Technology such as this can only enhance the ability of hotel staff to perform their jobs, not eliminate them.


Fear Of Change 

Ultimately, what is slowing down the adoption of new technologies for hotels is the inherent fear of change within all organizations of any size. Inside the organization are people who are used to doing things a certain way, and may have been doing so for a long time, and whom see change as a potential threat to their positions and importance. In the case of large hotel chains, adopting new innovative technologies is akin to turning a large ship which has huge momentum in the direction it’s headed and completely reversing its course. To remain in control of their ultimate destination, hoteliers must steer their chosen course with the aid of technology.

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