Friday, May 20, 2016

Hospitality News For The Week Of 5/20/16

Hotels’ Q1 profits rise despite slowdown in demand

The U.S. hospitality sector has seen a decrease in demand in the first-quarter of this year, as reported by the largest hotel companies. The drop has been brought about by weak corporate-transient businessso far in 2016. Most companies however have reported increased profits in the same time period. Meanwhile, projections are for this to be put a small, temporary drop rather than a trending down turn. Full Story Here:


Infographic: ADRs in major tourist destinations 

STR, Inc. published an infographic illustrating the tourist destinations around the globe with the highest average daily rate in the first quarter. Dubai came out on top with an ADR of $234.88, U.S. Dollars. Paris came in second place with an ADR of $225.44. Rounding out the top three was New York with an ADR reaching $202.07 for the quarter. Full Story Here:                                                                    


Study shows why ‘going green’ pays off

A report published by Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research found a majority of American support hotels which conduct their businesses with sustainable practices. The research showed that 60 percent or 105.3 million of U.S. travelers have gone on sustainable trips during the course of the last years. The report states that this segment of travelers spends more and stays longer than other travel segments. Full Story Here:


Stuck With a Pricey Hotel Reservation? Maybe You Can Sell It

A new trend is developing as travelers respond to cancellation policy changes among hotels they frequent. These hotel customers are using technology to list nonrefundable hotel reservations for resale. The hotel industry refers to such reservations as “distressed inventory” and resale customers have found customer service to be inconsistent during the hotel stay. Industry experts say this trend will continue and is not going away. Full Story Here:


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