Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adopting Technology For Hotels With Room Tech

The hospitality industry has been slow to adopt many of the new and exciting technologies available to hoteliers. Lack of funding is often cited as the main reason for this lag. However, customers’ expectations have been raised by the reality that many guests, for example, check in expecting complete continuity with their connected lives while on hotel property. The hotel guest experience can be raised to new heights with the implementation of room tech. In addition to raising the level of the hotel guest experience, cutting edge guest room technology can improve hotel efficiency as well.


Hotel Wi-Fi

Today’s traveler demands the ability to fully and seamlessly utilize all the capabilities of their various mobile and online devices at hotels. This applies as much to leisure travelers as it does to business travelers. Access to the Internet is seen as a necessity, not a luxury. Hotels need to recognize this fact or suffer the consequences. Quality Wi-Fi in their rooms, in addition to common areas of the hotel, is a top priority for travelers. Many travelers will not book a stay at a hotel without high speed Wi-Fi throughout. This level of connectedness will only become more pronounced as the Millennial Generation makes up an ever-increasing number of the traveling public.


Internet of Things 

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) offers hoteliers the opportunity to truly revolutionize how guests experience their stays. IoT can enable guests to control every facet of their room from a hotel provided, multi-purposed tablet or other device. Everything from entertainment, lighting, and environmental controls, to even ordering room service or more towels can be accomplished at the touch of a finger. Guest profile settings may be saved while the guest is in house and then revert back to hotel settings upon checkout. Upon arrival at the hotel for their next stay, a guest preference can be reinstated as well. This can even be taken a step further, with voice and motion activation technology.


Hotel Efficiency

Every aspect of the physical hotel property can also see improved levels of efficiency and function from the implementation of IoT technology. IoT has the capability to monitor and control building energy consumption, HVAC systems, motorized systems such as elevators, and environmental factors including noise levels for example. Everything mechanical or electrical in any way can become IoT controlled.

Energy management is one facet of the Internet of Things adoption that stands to profit hoteliers the most. An IoT enabled system can control much more than merely turning lights on and off. Because of the nature of the industry, hotels tend to be energy wasters. What guests do while in their room is out of management’s control, but the IoT can sense when they are gone and keep consumption under control when the room is not in use. Additionally, the IoT can monitor electrical outlets and alert hotel staff of any problems.

Adoption of these exciting technologies has the power to transform the hospitality industry. New guest room innovations can greatly enhance the hotel guest experience and vastly improve the efficiency of day-to-day hotel operations.  

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