Monday, July 25, 2016

PMS Web Design For Hotels

Central to all hotel property data management systems is the Property Management System or PMS. Vital to the day-to-day operations of any hotel, the PMS is a completely essential piece of the hotel management software suite. However, traditional property-based, on premise PMS systems are extremely difficult to maintain and upgrade. New rollouts and modernizations come at a very steep price in terms of training time and technology integration with existing systems. Frequently, these upgrades are precariously built upon ancient and unwieldy data management systems. Considering how integral they are to hotel operations, these systems are in need of complete replacement, rather than yet another ponderous upgrade.

Faced with using antiquated technology in the course of performing their jobs, hotel staff is required to navigate complex menus and wade through irrelevant options just to retrieve information which should be readily available with a minimum of clicks. Much of the hospitality industry has put their emphasis, rightfully, on improving the customer’s online booking experience. However, this has come at the expense of hotel employees, which in turn detrimentally affects customer service levels.

Through the utilization of cloud-based technology, this critical tool is now available to hotels of all sizes in a highly cost efficient, yet scalable manner. Hotels, from the smallest independent to the largest worldwide chains, would greatly benefit from a PMS system hosted in the cloud, rather than residing on premise. Hoteliers have much to gain and little to risk in adopting a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) PMS computing solution which offers access from any authorized device. A major advantage of these systems is that users can access cloud software from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection, including mobile phone, tablet, or a laptop. Cloud software is designed entirely with the end-user and their skill level in mind.

A cloud-based PMS can revolutionize day-to-day hotel operations. Every facet of property management can be monitored and directed from the cloud. Property maintenance, tracking and ordering of hotel inventory, and human resources can all be better administered through cloud technology driven, SaaS platforms. The significantly lowered costs and increased efficiency will ultimately drive the hospitality migration to SaaS and cloud technology. Storing, maintaining, and accessing data through the cloud offers hoteliers significant savings while improving the levels of customer service offered to their guests.

The Above Property Property Management module recognizes the multiple roles today’s front desk personnel are required to perform. Our familiar User Interface leverages Above Property’s vast library of open API’s to deliver real-time information in a clear and efficient design. The Property Management module is a cloud-based HTML5 web application that includes offline capabilities through a small on-property appliance. Operating in a fully distributed cloud environment, the Above Property Property Management module can integrate with existing systems as well as take advantage of the full suite of complementary modules within the Above Property Travel Platform. 

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