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Pros And Cons Of Hotels Or All-Inclusive Resorts - Part 1

Most people today work hard and long hours to earn a living. Many get or take minimal vacation time. These facts mean that most vacationing travelers need to make the most of their time off. A big decision lies ahead of them: where to stay? In many parts of the world, including many of the most frequented locales, there are two basic choices when it comes to hotel accommodations. The choice between a hotel or an all-inclusive hotel resort can depend on a variety of factors including the vacationer’s preferences and what they are looking to get out of their vacation time.


Advantages of All-Inclusive Resorts

Very generally speaking, all-inclusive resorts can make more sense for the budget-conscious traveler. Cost is the main reason for the existence of all-inclusive resorts. Resorts charge a flat fee that covers not only lodging but food, beverages and sometimes even entertainment as well. For the traveler who cringes every time they have to pay for yet another meal or drink, the all-inclusive resort vacation can be decidedly more to their liking. The resort, by presenting most expenses the guest will incur upfront, lets travelers have a more accurate picture of how much their trip will ultimately cost.

Resorts usually offer great quantities of food that are readily available. Although there might not be the most impressive gourmet dishes on the resort’s buffet, it should have plenty of it. The same goes for drinks as well. Large amounts of alcohol are served at resorts and some travelers enjoy ordering drinks all day long with nothing more than a band on their wrist. Nightlife on a resort may not be the most exciting, but many resort guests are not seeking excitement to begin with. The resort offers travelers a place to get away from the stresses of their everyday life and just decompress, which is highly appealing to some people.

The resort provides vacationers a safe place, without risk, where the guest never needs to even leave the property. Most resorts afford the traveler opportunity to enjoy wide-ranging amenities, usually spread out across a large area. For those who have no need or desire to explore the surroundings and culture of a destination, a resort can afford the perception of getting away without the guest feeling confined.

For vacationers trying to escape their everyday reality and just relax, an all-inclusive resort might be an excellent choice. For those seeking more of an experience on a vacation, the hotel may be much better for their trip. In part two we will explore the advantages for staying at a hotel for travelers.  

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