Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pros And Cons Of Hotels Or All-Inclusive Resorts - Part 2

The long hours and hard work endured by most people in making their living is a tremendous incentive for them to try and get the most out of vacation time. For some, the total relaxation and carefree style offered by all-inclusive resorts is just the answer to relieving the stresses of everyday life. For many, particularly those who value choice, new experiences and maybe a little adventure; the traditional hotel provides all that is needed to make their vacation enjoyable.  


Advantages Of Hotels

For travelers who prefer to vacation freely within a destination, without the financial commitment of an all-inclusive resort, hotels are clearly the best choice. Hotel guests can eat wherever and whenever they choose. Their meals are not included in their stay, but they have the freedom to explore the unique culinary delights of the local area. A little research or inquires to a hotel concierge may be required, but travelers staying in resorts don’t get to sample much local fare. Also, if the guest decides to stick close to their temporary home and the hotel has dining available on property, that option is open as well.

This choice option goes for beverages as well. Hotels may have their own bars or lounges on property, but in general, they are also located near a wide variety of local drinking establishments. A resort may have limited choice in varieties of alcohol available to their guests. Additionally, entertainment can be rather limited at all-inclusive resorts and may not be of the highest quality. Access to better nightlife than that available on resorts is a distinct advantage of the traditional hotel, for vacationers so inclined.

The level of service provided at top notch and even second tier hotel properties is easily comparable to the all-inclusive resort. For example, hotel room service can be easily reached at a moment’s notice to cater to the needs of their guests with food and drinks. The concierge awaits at their beck and call to inform a guest about the best area restaurants and other local information. That high level of service standard instills in guests the comfort and security that familiarity and met expectations can bring. Being that many hotels are but one location in a chain can also contribute to that sense of security in its certainty. Most resorts assuredly do not have an edge on the traditional hotel in regards to excellence in service.

For travelers wishing to experience the local area, its sights and attractions, culture, cuisine, and history will undoubtedly find the traditional hotel more suitable to their needs. Resorts can frequently be somewhat isolated compared to hotels since the resort is the destination itself. The adventurous or sight-seeking traveler may end up feeling a bit restricted while staying at a resort.

All things considered, the hotel provides the sort of carefree and relaxing atmosphere conducive to recharging one’s batteries while on vacation. Hotels offer an advantage over resorts to travelers preferring a greater sense of freedom and independence during their time away from home.  

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