Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hotel Keyless Entry Technology

Having spent the better part of their day standing in lines, confined into small spaces, and crowded together with others; nothing could be worse for the weary traveler than to face more of the same at the hotel they have booked. Or, once already settled in their accommodations, coming back to their room after a long day to discover they have misplaced their room key and must now return to the front desk for a duplicate. Today’s travelers have already become largely comfortable with technologies which could eliminate such travel hassles. The proliferation of smartphones and associated app technology offers solutions with the potential to create a truly seamless customer experience for hotel guests.

These innovative technology forces, coming from both within and outside of the hospitality industry, are merging to streamline the hotel guest experience from when they check-in upon arrival to when they leave at check-out. One means of accomplishing this goal is the mobile hotel room key. This technology, when combined with mobile check-in, will bring the level of hotel guest convenience to new heights. The traveling public is now utilizing smartphones to manage every detail of their travel. Consumers have grown accustomed to connecting their entire lives through their mobile devices, as well as saving time and money in the process. As mobile hotel room key technology sees greater adoption and hotel guests see the benefits, it will become expected by them.

Hotel guests are not the only ones to benefit from this technology. There is much to be gained for hoteliers as well. Mobile hotel room keys provided to guests via a mobile check-in procedure will free up front desk staff to concentrate on those guests who need assistance with any issues which may arise during their stay. Also, the hotel guests who want a full service hotel experience can receive a greater degree of personalized attention. 

Security has not been an issue for hotels that have rolled out mobile hotel keys. The technology is more secure than plastic key cards and does not suffer from the commonly encountered demagnetization problems. The digitally issued keys will only function with a specific phone which is linked to a specific account, assigned a specific room number. The keys are secure as long as the guest is following proper personal password procedures.

Hotels that provide their guests the level of choice and convenience offered by mobile keyless entry consistently receive higher scores on travel review sites. Which in turn leads directly to higher hotel revenues.


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