Friday, September 23, 2016

Hospitality News For The Week Of 9/23/16

Path to Purchase: Travel Report shows consumers are open to persuasion

A recently published study, conducted by NewsMediaWorks in collaboration with Research Now, found that three out of five consumers are open to persuasion during the process of making their travel plans. According to the study, 60 percent of travelers say they heard or saw a specific travel advertisement early on in the travel planning process. But, 38 percent say they began by planning to travel somewhere specific. The research also found nearly 60 percent of the surveyed travelers motivated by price most importantly. Full Story Here:


4 Things You Need To Know To Market To North American Travelers - By Catlyn Origitano

The 2016 North American Travel Trend Report, published by Sojern, highlights the facts needed to more effectively market to American and Canadian travelers. Insights include, search for trips averaging seven days in length. While Canadians, with more government mandated time off, search for eleven days on average. In the U.S., there are clear differences in the length of the travel planning stage. For example, Georgia and Florida travelers plan on average 52 days out and California travelers begin planning 65 days out. Full Story Here:


US Hotel Occupancy Down Slightly (0.4 Percent) To 70.2 Percent In August 2016

According to data from STR, the U.S. hotel industry posted largely positive results in the month of August 2016. Compared to the same month last year, industry wide occupancy was down slightly by 0.4 percent to 70.2 percent for the month. Average daily rate rose by 2.5 percent to reach $125.42 by the month’s end. And revenue per available room gained 2.1 percent, attaining $88.10 by month’s end, Full Story Here:


STR: US hotel results for the week ending 17 September

Positive performance results were recorded by the U.S. hotel industry for the week of 11-17 September 2016. When compared to the same time frame last year, industry wide occupancy was up by 0.2 percent to 72.0 percent. Average daily rate climbed 4.1 percent, reaching $129.37 for the week. Revenue per available room rose by 4.3 percent, to attain $93.13 by week’s end. Full Story Here:  


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