Monday, September 19, 2016

Hotel PMS Interfaces - Part 1

At the heart of all hotel data management systems is the PMS or Property Management System. Essential to the daily operations of all hotels, the PMS is a truly indispensable piece of any hotel management software suite. The complex legacy PMS systems are now being replaced in the industry by highly efficient and cost-effective hotel software that is hosted in the cloud. The PMS is mainly tasked with converging data from the individual hotel departments into a centralized control system.

One of the fundamental functions of PMS systems is also to interface externally with outside vendor systems as well. Every aspect of day-to-day hotel operations, from internal departments such as housekeeping, to external vendors handling POS for example, can be efficiently controlled from a cloud-driven PMS system. In this blog series we will examine the various PMS interfaces, and see how a 21st Century PMS integrates and manages their functionalities.


POS Systems

All ancillary charges incurred by hotel guests can be accurately accounted for, in real time, with a cloud-based PMS system. The POS system can access the guest’s account information anytime, via the PMS, in order to maintain the accuracy of all guest charges. The guest’s account can then be charged accordingly.


Self-Check-in/Check-out Kiosks

Certain traveler segments demand swift efficiency from the hotels they choose to book their stays. The self-service kiosk is a direct result of those demands. Initially implemented by the airline industry; the terminals empower hotel guests to check themselves in and out, possibly even select their own accommodations, and pay their bill. These kiosks are an extension of the hotel’s PMS, which is designed to interact with guests directly. Once again, made possible by real-time, cloud-driven hotel software technology.


Call Accounting Systems

Room charges for telephone services can be automatically attached and billed to the guest. This saves time and confusion for hotel staff later, maintaining accurate billing in the process. The PMS and call accounting systems communicate through direct interface, as guest calls are made from the room. Customer bill accounting is always kept current continuously. 

In part two of this series we will look at a few more areas of PMS external interfaces.

The Above Property PMS

The Above Property Property Management module recognizes the multiple roles today’s front desk personnel are required to perform. Our familiar User Interface leverages Above Property’s vast library of open API’s to deliver real-time information in a clear and efficient design. The Property Management module is a cloud-based HTML5 web application that includes offline capabilities through a small on-property appliance. Operating in a fully distributed cloud environment, the Above Property Property Management module can integrate with existing systems as well as take advantage of the full suite of complementary modules within the Above Property Travel Platform. 

Above Property Web Services (APWS) – design and control your own User Interface/User Experience by leveraging Above Property’s library of APIs. Above Property’s web services are just an API call away. APWS allows advanced users an alternative way to experience the full power of the Above Property Travel Platform.




  • Intuitive control of your property
  • Leverage cloud technology
  • Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance
  • Extensive Group functionality
  • Contextually edit Folio capabilities
  • Reporting and Analytics available in real time
  • Architected for seamless integration with all reservation system

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