Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hotel PMS Interfaces - Part 2

Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) of today are designed to interface with a number of outside vendor systems, in addition to coordinating in-house departmental functions. In this continuation of the series we will examine several more external interfaces for hotel PMS.


Revenue Management

The process of compiling and analyzing the huge amounts of data necessary to extract the optimal rate for any given customer, at any given time has been greatly simplified and made more efficient by cloud-based revenue management optimization tools now available to hoteliers. Directly integrating RMO with the PMS can provide those optimized rates in a timely fashion to hotel staff and their customers.


Electronic Locking Systems

Whether provided through key cards, or mobile technology, guest room access can be controlled and managed by hotel staff directly through the PMS. Interfacing the hotel’s electronic locking system with it’s PMS streamlines the process via the automatic sharing of guest room numbers and length of a guest’s stay, between the two systems.


Reputation Management

Review websites and social media are absolutely essential to thelong-term survival of any hotel. It is also vital for hotel guests to receive timely requests to express their opinions of their stay through these sites. Reputation management systems also monitor online channels for mentions of the hotel property, providing the hotel opportunity for prompt responses. This task can be largely automated with a PMS interface with the reputation management system.


Energy Management

An energy management system in direct interaction with a hotel’s PMS enables guest rooms to be pre-set to the individual preferences of each guest before they arrive. The PMS tracks these preferences for the guests and shares that information with energy-saving technology, which then returns the temperature and lighting to more energy efficient settings upon guest check-out.


Guest Room Entertainment

All guest room entertainment charges, such as pay-per-view TV or Internet access, may be more efficiently accounted for and properly billed with a PMS integration. This keeps improper billing and disputes to a minimum. The charges are instantly tracked as they are incurred, making manual entries unnecessary.

PMS interfaces provide hotel staff and management the opportunity to concentrate more on what is truly their responsibility, exceptional customer service. In the last part of this series we will examine a few more external interface possibilities for hotel property management systems. 

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