Monday, September 5, 2016

The Future Of Hotel Technology

The hotel experience for travelers in the near future will be decidedly different from those of today. The transformation of the hospitality industry will happen gradually over time, some brands faster than others. However, by the 2020’s much of the coming change will most likely have already taken place. This will be particularly true if hotel companies accelerate their pace of adoption of the innovative technologies already available to them.

The entire hospitality industry will be transformed by technologies that include cloud data storage and Software as a Service (SaaS), the Internet of Things (IoT), and a number of exciting mobile technologies. All of these developments of technology are necessary in order for hotel guests to have their expectations met and exceeded. Future realities, such as mobile check-in or personalized room temperature settings for example, will not be possible without them. In this series we will take an overview of where hotel technology is going and where it might be in the next decade.


Cloud Data Storage Technology 

The concept of storing data in the cloud is often misunderstood within the hospitality industry, however the technology is gaining traction and garnering some degree of acceptance with hoteliers. Its adoption has been slow, mostly due to cost concerns and a long tradition of resistance to change. But the truth is, the future of data management lies in the cloud. Cost is optimized since cloud-based SaaS platforms lack the presence of on property systems and their associated expense. Company users can access cloud software from anywhere and be accessed using any device with a connection to the Internet. Training for hotel staff is minimal because modern software is designed to be in intuitive for the End-User. 

Cloud technology will empower hoteliers to offer an enhanced level of truly personalized service. Big Data, stored in the cloud, will effectively manage the individual preferences of all hotel guests. A SaaS Property Management System (PMS) and Central Reservation System (CRS) based in the cloud will give hotel companies the real-time flexibility to bring guest personalization into the next decade and beyond. Cloud data storage will revolutionize hotel operations as well. SaaS PMS will direct every facet of hotel management in a highly efficient manner.

The possibilities for significant cost savings and greater all-around operational efficiency will drive hotels to migrate their data storage completely to the cloud in time. The greatly improved customer service offered hotel guests would directly result in increased revenues from satisfied customers as well. 

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