Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Big Data Will Transform Hospitality - Part 2

Hotel Operations

The information provided hoteliers by Big Data could immensely improve the efficiency of day-to-day hotel operations. As we have seen, hotel staffs are empowered with this information to provide guests with greater and more personalized customer service. They can therefore better anticipate the needs and desires of the guests. Access to Big Data can transform hotel operations, behind the scenes in ways the guests cannot see, and can make the hotel property eminently more profitable.

A number of hotel chains are now leveraging aggregate data to improve utility efficiency at their properties. For example, numerous sources may be mined in combination to reduce energy consumption at their hotels. Local climate and weather data, past energy consumption histories, and fluctuations in electric rates can be compiled and analyzed.  In this way, energy profiles of each building can be created and future projections may be effectively formulated. Because of the nature of the hospitality industry, hotels also tend to be energy wasters. Energy consumption is largely out of the control of hoteliers when guests are physically in their rooms, however, Big Data enabled technology can return systems to their most efficient levels in their absence.

Effective data utilization can also increase service efficiency. This is achieved by analyzing trends of which hotel services guests are utilizing as well as which ones they are not. Used in this way, precious hotel resources may be accurately employed and not squandered on ill-used services.  Additionally, hotel marketing is being revolutionized in this manner with Big Data. It is vitally important for any hotel to truly know and understand their guest’s preferences. Big Data can help hotel marketers identify which customers offer hotels the highest long-term value. Marketing messages must then be created and reach the right customers in a timely fashion.

Knowledge of customer behavior is extremely empowering for hoteliers and can assist them in setting room rates and prices accordingly. This we shall examine further in the last part of this series. 

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