Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Small Data For Hotels - Part 2

Marketing Personalization

Hoteliers are continually striving to more effectively reach their customers with their brand’s marketing messaging. Small Data offers hotels an opportunity to craft customized marketing messages for their customers on a unique basis. Small Data is the information regarding individual guests or small, distinct segments of customers, and readily available to hoteliers in the form of data created whenever they interact with the hotel in any way. In this manner, hotel marketing personalization is a powerful tool for hoteliers to build brand loyalty and garner increased direct bookings.

Small Data furnishes the information necessary in order to create content personalization. This is found in the data that hotels already have on hand and then compiles it to create individualized marketing messages based on past guest information; their current interests and hotel loyalty program information. This data, when combined with the online user data, gives hotels a powerful advantage over the competing online travel agencies and metasearch engines for booking customers directly.

Personalized content appears to website users when the website recognizes a past site visitor, and then tailors the web pages to them. In this way, the website user finds information which is highly relevant for them. This in turn leads to a higher degree of conversions of visitors into directly booking on the hotel’s website.


Some examples of marketing content personalization:

  • Recognizing the user’s IP address and adjust the website language for visitors from another part of the globe. Also specific promotions and offers can be tailored to an international audience.
  • Based on data available to the hotel, the website may detect that a website visitor is a business traveler. In which case they would see content specifically geared to that travel demographic. Hotel amenities such as on-property meeting facilities and the free high speed Wi-Fi connection would appear, for example.
  • In the case of the website recognizing a leisure traveler, the content displayed might include stunning visuals of the local surrounding area and the hotel’s place in the context of a destination. Offers accentuating the pleasurable relaxation available to hotel guests through the hotel’s spa and the delightful dining possibilities that await them are examples of content customized for a specific demographic segment. 

Small Data puts a highly personal and interactive face on the gathering of vast amounts of Big Data by hoteliers. The hospitality industry, by its personalized nature, can certainly profit in its effective utilization.  


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