Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hotel Point Of Sale Security - Part 2

Hotel customers usually seek overnight accommodations either to escape their everyday lives and find solace in vacation time, or for the necessity of travel for work. Whatever their reason for travel, the uncertainty of the hotel’s security of their personal information is the last worry they need to face when they are away from home. Hoteliers must protect the private information which has been entrusted to them by those from whom they derive their livelihood.


End-To End Encryption

Hackers never cease in their effort to develop malware designed to steal POS (Point of Sale) data. However, that data is completely useless to them if it is merely nothing more than encrypted information. By totally encrypting the credit card data in every step of the payments’ history, especially the instant the card is swiped, the data is significantly more secure.

Another method of data protection, called tokenization, involves creating a unique digital placeholder or token to represent the credit card data. Both techniques may be used together in a coordinated effort to mutually ensure data security.


Regular Testing

The assumption on the part of hoteliers, when they invest hard-earned revenue in new point-of-sale equipment, is that the hardware will perform its intended purpose in a highly secure manner. Hotels further assume the level of security is measured against the product’s adherence to payment industry standards. But, in this expectation hotels are terribly mistaken.

Many providers and installers of POS systems are not in fact security experts. Often times the systems may be incorrectly installed, opening the door to cyber criminals. To remain ahead of the hackers as much as is feasible, hoteliers are advised to have their POS systems pitted against the most up to date testing available. Security specialists can uncover vulnerabilities with the proper implementation.

Without the proper security steps in place, the one thing hotels can assume regarding their point-of-sale systems is the fact they have vulnerabilities that either are or will become breaches. However, as we have seen, all is not lost and this crime is largely preventable. 


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