Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Energy Sustainability For Hotels

Our society is increasingly embracing green initiatives and becoming more aware of the need to conserve energy and natural resources. This includes the traveling public which is correspondingly expecting the hotels they stay with to implement energy efficient and sustainable measures on their properties. Hotel guests are also showing their inclination to cooperate and do their part in making their contribution to save energy and live sustainably.

As a result of this trend, it is in the best interest for hotels to get onboard with incorporating environmentally friendly changes, both in policies and facilities. But there are clearly tremendous cost-saving benefits to be garnered for hoteliers in bringing about these changes as well.

Energy Efficiency

Any hotel sustainability solutions involve either the hotel property or the guest, and sometimes both, to bring the initiative to fruition. Hotels can make the investment in new lighting and bulbs, which are more energy efficient for example. Posting signage asking guests to turn off unnecessary lights, television, air conditioning, and when leaving a room can make a difference in energy savings as well. This can make hotel guests feel as if they are participating in the hotel’s sustainability measures.

Smart Technology

Every aspect of the physical hotel property can improve levels of efficiency and function with the implementation of Smart technology. The energy efficiency implications of Smart technology for heating and air conditioning controls are astounding. Smart systems have the capability to effectively monitor and control building energy consumption. Energy efficiency management stands to profit hoteliers tremendously.

Smart systems can control much more than merely turning lights on and off. Because of the nature of the industry, hotels tend to be energy wasters. What guests do while in their rooms is out of management’s control, but Smart thermostats can sense when they are gone and actually keep consumption under control when the room is not in use. Additionally, Smart technology can also monitor electrical outlets as well and alert hotel staff of any issues or waste which may occur.

Adoption of these exciting technologies offers much promise to power the transformation of the hospitality industry. An energy efficient hotel will naturally see revenues rise through cost saving green initiatives. To the traveling public, sustainably operated hotels enjoy excellent guest relations which results in return bookings from satisfied customers.

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