Monday, March 6, 2017

Hotel In-Room Tech

The hotel guest of today has experienced transformative technology in their everyday lives as a matter of course. For a guest to check into a hotel that cannot even approach the level of ordinary technological convenience they are accustomed to would be very disappointing. Travelers now expect to find the same standards of digital accessibility, as found in their homes, available to them in every hotel room in which they stay. Smart technology is rapidly becoming pervasive in society and hotel guests anticipate its presence in hotel accommodations. Furthermore, evolution in the platforms through which entertainment is delivered is demanding change from the hospitality industry as well.

High-Speed Internet

Today’s traveler demands the ability to fully and seamlessly utilize all the capabilities of their various mobile and online devices during their hotel stay. This applies as much to leisure travelers as it does to business travelers. Access to the Internet is seen as a necessity, not a luxury. High-speed Internet access in their rooms, in addition to common areas of the hotel, is a top priority for travelers.

Many travelers now will not book a stay at a hotel without high speed Internet available throughout the hotel property. This level of connectedness will only become more pronounced as the Millennial generation makes up an ever-increasing number of the traveling public. Also, high-speed Internet is required to access another expectation of hotel guests, streamed entertainment.

Smart In-Room Entertainment

Travelers are now bringing their own entertainment content with them on their mobile devices. They enjoy television access to their various streaming content services such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix necessitating truly high-speed Internet in every room. Smart televisions provided in hotel rooms will enable hotel guests to consume entertainment on their own terms. The days of hotels merely offering cable TV in the rooms for their guests are numbered. Smart televisions offer the elimination of external cable or satellite boxes as well as greater control for the hotel regarding the content they provide. Some hotels are also revamping their in-room telephone systems with voice over IP (VoIP) phones.

These smart technologies offer hoteliers the opportunity to provide their guests further options for guest personalization. The expanded role smart technology plays in the everyday lives of travelers naturally leads to their growing demand and expectation of finding it in the hotels they choose to stay. Hotels clearly stand to greatly profit in their adoption and integration of these technologies in the accommodations they offer their guests.

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