Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mobile Messaging For Hoteliers - Part 2

Leveraging Hospitality Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging offers advantages to hoteliers hoping to leverage the various messaging platforms discussed earlier in part one. This form of communication between hotels and their guests is both convenient and non-intimidating to users. This means an enriched guest experience and greater customer satisfaction levels, both of which lead to increase brand loyalty for hotels. Mobile messaging lends itself naturally toward being used in a service channel role. Hotels that have implemented mobile messaging use it primarily in this manner. However, there are ways in which mobile messaging can be monetized to some degree by hoteliers and leveraged promotionally.

In the role of service tool, mobile messaging is highly effective for all necessary guest notifications including reservation confirmations, check-in welcome, and checkout thank you messages. Guests may make requests and communicate with the hotel regarding any ancillary or concierge services or even for ordering room service. Any of these guest interactions would, without mobile messaging, require direct interaction of hotel staff. With messaging, staff can be much more proactive in the approach to guest relations, while doing so with greater efficiency.

Providing exceptional customer service with mobile messaging should be a means which ends in guest satisfaction levels and reviews rising as a result of its implementation. Taking the further step of asking for feedback (and even criticism) will make guests feel valued by the brand, far and away exceeding the guest’s expectations. However, hoteliers may incorporate a number of methods in which mobile messaging can directly impact hotel revenue. Additional services, such as spas, may be promoted under the pretense of keeping the hotel’s guests informed of all that is available to them on the property. During diminished occupancy periods, guests can be offered upgrade promotional messages as well.

Hoteliers should see mobile messaging as one more channel for customer service communication available for their hotel. While it will never drive other relevant channels into obsolescence, mobile messaging is the platform consumers seem most comfortable interacting with brands. Those hotels, which have not implemented mobile messaging, should do so in order to remain fully in touch with the needs of their guests.

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