Thursday, May 11, 2017

Predictive Intelligence For Hotels

Hotels gather an immense quantity of data specifically pertaining to each individual guest staying at their property. At every step of the hotel experience data points are collected, which if properly utilized, can provide hoteliers with useful insight into the preferences of each guest. As has been discussed in earlier blogs, much of this data may be trapped in essentially useless data silos.

The key is in effectively managing data by fully integrating all systems into a cohesive platform. This is absolutely essential for the production of data points to be of any value to hotel marketers. Predictive intelligence weaves these data points together to create a fabric of the digital guest journey. The result is a truly relevant depiction of the hotel guest experience, both on and off the hotel property.  

Also known as predictive analytics, the resultant marketing intelligence is a great deal more specific than traditional hotel market segmentation. Predictive intelligence builds effective hotel content marketing by creating a true understanding of the hotel brand’s intended audience for its marketing campaigns. Hotel products and services can be genuinely personalized by effective utilization of the intelligence gleaned from the guest data. Unfortunately, many hotels and chains seem to lump all past guests and prospects into the same box and try to appeal to all of them. They disregard the unique wants and needs of even the most basic of traveler personas, business and leisure. Utilizing tools, such as predictive intelligence, to uncover the various traveler categories or ‘personas’ is absolutely essential in gaining knowledge of who exactly are the people paying money to stay on the hotel’s property.

Once the proper audiences have been identified, then highly specific marketing messages may be crafted to reach out and appeal to each one. Visual content must always reflect the hotel’s audience makeup. For example, when the different audience personas sign on to the hotel’s website, they should identify with and feel some immediate connection with the people they see there. Predictive intelligence can help uncover what services, amenities, and activities the varying different personas will find appealing as well as more effectively sell those products to them. Making the right offers at the right time to the right customers is the goal.

Social Relationship Management

All-In-One Social Marketing Solution

An effective social media strategy is a core component in today’s “voice of the customer” world. The Above Property Social Relationship Management module lets you control and monitor your messaging within the Above Property Travel Platform. Dynamically execute marketing campaigns tied to inventory or occupancy controls. Easy-to-use, the Social Relationship Management module integrates several essential online marketing tools.

Operating in a fully distributed cloud environment, the Above Property Social CRM module can integrate with existing systems as well as take advantage of the full suite of complementary modules within the Above Property Travel Platform.

  • Blogs and press releases

  • Social network channels

  • Marketing writing assistant

  • Coupon creation and distribution

  • Web analytics

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