Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Social Media For Hoteliers 2017 - Part 2

As the adoption by hotel brands of social media marketing has progressed, a commonly made misstep has been to attempt to build a presence on as many platforms as possible. A more effective strategy is to select the social channels based on which ones will offer the best return for the brand. This would be where the hotel’s customers are present and actively engaged.


Given the highly visual nature of the hospitality industry, current trends in social media marketing are extremely conducive for the promotion of hotels. Video now completely dominates the Internet, thanks to the rise of YouTube and the progression of Facebook. The social media giant now gives priority to video content, over text and still images. Video is a natural fit for hotels, and the possibilities are only limited by the creativity of hoteliers. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video takes online interaction between hotel brands and potential guests a giant step further.

Local Area

All hotels are of course part of a larger community and its surrounding area. Videos highlighting the local area as a destination as well as the hotel’s place in it are appropriate, particularly to leisure travelers. Travelers, even those traveling for business, appreciate information regarding things to do when staying in any location. A video would be even more compelling and can sell the hotel in the context of a larger destination, with local events such as concerts, festivals, or exhibitions for example as possible video subjects.

Property Tours

Video can make a great presentation of a hotel’s property. Virtual tours of the guest rooms, common areas, and hotel amenities will give potential guests a glimpse visually of their stay at the hotel. Video provides a means to showcase the hotel’s content and make them feel more relaxed upon their first visit on the property. Anytime the hotel is upgraded, or receives anything new that would be of interest to guests, a video should be produced to showcase the new additions or upgrades. If at all possible, include shots of hotel guests enjoying the new additions as well.

User Content

The hotel guests can become a regular contributor of fresh video content for both the website and social media platforms. Guests should be encouraged to share their videos of themselves enjoying the hotel and its surroundings on their social media networks. Contests or giveaways are effective methods in the encouragement. By asking guests to tag the hotel, the videos can go even further to reach a wider audience. User content offers potential guests positive reinforcement by people just like them having a great time at the hotel. Also, having access to a steady supply of low cost video content is extremely valuable for hoteliers.

Video content can truly transport potential hotel customers right onto the property so they can envision themselves there. It can be a powerful content tool, if leveraged properly. In the last part of this series we will see the innovative directions social media marketing videos are headed with live video via Instagram and Snap.   

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