Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Snapchat For Hotels - Part 1

Snapchat, for those who are unaware, is a picture and video sharing app which has been extremely popular among the Millennial Generation since its creation. Begun in 2011, the app’s most unique feature is that the images and videos shared by users disappear ten seconds after being viewed by the user. Each of the user posts is referred to as a “snap”. The snaps themselves are only viewable for 24 hours. The fresh nature of each user’s snaps, imposed by the app itself, is Snapchat’s greatest charm for its relatively young user base.

Before becoming a public company called, Snap Inc. in the second half of 2016, the company claimed they have over 60 million users in the U.S. and Canada alone. User numbers are now well over 160 million worldwide. Additional company figures included 60 percent of all smartphone users are using the app, and half of Snapchat’s users are now over 25 years of age. Snapchat has been attempting to grow and better monetize itself since its IPO. The company has made changes to the app designed to become more appealing to older users, increase advertising, and to make it easier for business users to leverage Snapchat.

So what does this mean for hoteliers and why should hotels get onboard with Snapchat marketing?

To begin with, Snapchat is not for every hotel or chain. Smaller ones may find it difficult to keep up with the endless need for refreshing new content. However, for hotels attempting to earn bookings and keep the loyalty of Millennial Generation guests the platform is essential. As hotels have learned with more established social network channels, it is vital to be present on these platforms because it is where many customers are spending their time.

The importance of a Snapchat hotel marketing strategy is also solidly supported by the demographics of this generation. Millennials will shortly, if not already, make up the most numerous amount of the traveling public. Additionally, Snapchat offers hoteliers an opportunity to rise above the more crowded social platforms and stand apart in contrast with other hotels.

It is crucial with Snapchat marketing for hoteliers to be uniquely creative in their approach to engaging with this social network. As we will examine in part two of this series, there are now a number of features available to facilitate success for brands on the platform.

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