Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Snapchat For Hotels - Part 2

 Leveraging Snapchat For Hoteliers

Although not for everyone, the image and video sharing app Snapchat has been largely embraced by the Millennial Generation. Hoteliers should do a bit of self-examination to determine if Snapchat marketing is a good fit for their property, however. But if after having made the decision to move forward with marketing via the app, getting started is rather simple. Create a profile and begin posting “snaps” or adding them onto existing stories. A number of features have also been developed since Snapchat’s inception in order to enable brands to successfully leverage the app.


Snapchat Stories enable users to create a story through a connected series of snaps. Snaps may be added to the story later as well. Snapchat users are attracted to the app by the promise of content which is always fresh. Hoteliers can best capitalize on this fact by sharing with their followers what is currently happening at their hotels now, in the moment. Creativity and imagination are the only limiting factors. Users also expect the network to be people-oriented, so stale images of the hotel property, for example, are ineffective at best. Conversely, happy scenes captured in images and on video of guests enjoying their stay along with helpful, friendly staff are highly effective.


Snapchat Discover, a platform within the app, is built around stories which are primarily either news, entertainment, or brands. A hotel brand can create a story on Discover around any event which might be unique and newsworthy to their followers, happening at their property. Sharing relevant content from other Snapchat users is useful as well. Always ensure that every snap posted adheres to the spirit and tone of the channel, without breaking any unwritten rules of the network.


The location-based Geofilters are perhaps the most valuable tool for hoteliers. Geofilters are overlays which can be created to lay over the top of the user’s snaps. For example, a Snapchat user could be staying at a hotel, visiting a location, attending an event somewhere and snap about it with a Geofilter over the images or videos they share. The filters can be branded since they are designed and created by the brand themselves and are offered to Snapchat users based on where they are located.

Hotels have an advantage over other brands in that people love to travel and share their experiences with others. Social media in general has become the preferred method for the traveling public to tell the world about their adventures. For hotels attempting to reach out and gain exposure with a younger audience, Snapchat is a great platform.

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