Monday, July 17, 2017

Transforming The Hotel Guest Experience In The Cloud - Part 1

The increasingly connected world of the 21st Century has, and is, transforming our very lives. Technology has brought about changes in how we all live, even from a few short years ago, and continues at a rapidly accelerating pace going forward. The consumer of today expects and demands a continuity of their digitally connected lives when they travel. Brought about by competitive pressures, the hospitality industry is in the midst of re-imagining itself technologically and how it interacts with its guests. Currently, many hotels and chains persist in conducting their daily operations on the backs of outmoded and cumbersome legacy systems.

Empowered by innovative cloud-based technology solutions however, hoteliers will have the tools necessary in order to genuinely transform the hotel experience for their guests. This transformation is being made in many diverse ways, some guest facing and others behind the scenes yet equally transformative. The guest experience begins far in advance of their actual stay on-property and extends long after their departure. A cloud-driven, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform will enhance the hotel guest experience by enabling hotels to provide a greater level of personalized service.

A cloud-based SaaS Property Management System (PMS), Central Reservation System (CRS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can give hotels the real-time flexibility to nimbly leverage today’s travelers who are routinely connected online wherever they go. Hoteliers can build and maintain better connection with their guests, even when they are away from hotel property, through a variety of hotel services, such as mobile concierge for example. Also, cloud technology gives hoteliers the capability to more effectively to establish partnerships with companies which provide peripheral services to guests, including transportation, entertainment, and recreation among others.

The hotel guest of today faces many choices and the expectation bar has been set much higher than ever before. Brand loyalty also does not mean much to the consumer who desires the best value and will search extensively for it. Yet at the same time, travelers are seeking much more than merely a place to hang their hat for the night. They expect more for the money and they are willing to spend on hotel accommodations. Exceptionally personalized service and convenience is how hotels can stand out from their competition. In summary, cloud-based solutions provide hoteliers the necessary means.

In upcoming blogs we will look further into enhancing the hotel guest experience using tools hosted in the cloud.  

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