Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hotel Call Center In The Cloud

Hoteliers are continually striving to increase direct bookings with their properties. To that end, industry measures to implement special rates for loyalty members have placed a renewed emphasis on the importance of the voice channel and hotel call centers. In recent years the sales model of hotels has relied heavily upon online channels, via both brand websites and OTAs. However, the voice channel is in the midst of a resurgence for hotels trying to take back some of the revenue which they have been giving up to the OTAs. A number of sources estimate that as much as 75 to 80 percent of hotel revenue may be the product of the voice channel, particularly in the case of independent and higher end chain properties. The hotel call center can provide a much more personal and efficient link between the brand’s website and the customer.

The adoption of cloud technology central reservation (CRS) and property management (PMS) systems, which are completely integrated with a cloud-based call center software module, will provide the catalyst needed to effectively leverage the voice channel. Many businesses, including hotels, are implementing remote call center agents into their business models. Seamless access by call center agents, wherever they may be, to hotel inventory and rates, combined with Big Data customer analytics in real-time, can produce dynamic results in direct booking.  

The Above Property Call Center module allows agents to be more productive and provide the highest level of customer service by combining workflow efficiency with visual communication. The module takes full advantage of Above Property’s Distributed Reservation System or your existing reservation system to allow agents to efficiently sell as well as up-sell revenue generating products.

Through our extensive information data store, agents have full access to rates, inventory, points of interest, and mapping software to ensure the highest level of customer interaction. Operating in a fully distributed cloud environment, the Above Property Call Center module can integrate with existing systems as well as take advantage of the full suite of complementary modules within the Above Property Travel Platform.

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