Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Transforming The Hotel Guest Experience In The Cloud - Part 2

The heightened expectations of today’s travelers and the extremely competitive nature of the hospitality industry are bringing about long needed changes to the software suites of independent hotels and chains. Legacy systems can no longer keep up with the demands of 21st century hotel guests. Cloud-based Property Management, Central Reservation Systems, Revenue Management, Channel Management, and Loyalty are the solution to the needs of hotelier’s industry-wide. These tools offer hotels a number of advantages in their efforts to enhance the hotel guest experience and earn the loyalty of their guests.

Streamlined Bookings

Beginning with the hotel website is where hoteliers can begin improving the guest experience and even gain back revenue from the OTAs. The industry, in general, has been holding onto antiquated Central Reservation Systems (CRS) which continue to rely on monolithic centrally stored data infrastructures, with their attendant high costs in hardware, maintenance, and staff. The CRS is the crucial first, directly customer facing, interaction between the potential guest and the hotel. Cloud-based CRSs feature all the functionality required by hotels to successfully capture those direct bookings and to better compete with third party sites, going forward. Hoteliers can build and maintain better connections with their guests right from the start, during, and even after their stay.

These CRS systems are hosted entirely in the cloud and leverage the benefits of platform computing.  They also feature lightning fast response times while offering immense scalability. An additional advantage of a CRS hosted in the cloud is they can be fully integrated with other cloud-based hotel software as part of complete suite including, Property Management Systems (PMS), Revenue Management Optimization (RMO), and others. This is the future of hotel software systems.

Smooth Check-In

A hotel PMS system is at the core of managing the guest experience, particularly once they arrive on the property. A cloud-driven PMS can have a tremendous impact on how the guest perceives their experience. Upon checking in for example, guests can be enabled to check-in and out with their own mobile devices and do so even before they arrive. Mobile PMS apps, utilized by hotel staff, free them from the confines of the front desk. Front desk personnel can then more directly and personally engage the guests. Since cloud-hosted PMS software can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, hotel management and staff are enabled to interact with guests on the same platforms they are using.

In the next part in this series, a few more advantages of cloud-based hotel software and its ability to enhance the guest experience will be explored.  

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