Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Transforming The Hotel Guest Experience In The Cloud - Part 3

During the duration of a hotel guest’s actual stay is the time for any hotel to shine and truly show off their property and its staff. Old fashioned hospitality is of course the hotel industry’s namesake and specialty, and the majority of hotel properties are quite good at providing it. However, there is always room for improvement and cloud technology can contribute in moving the guest experience forward during their stay.

Mobile and Smart Technology

A cloud-based PMS will give hoteliers the freedom and flexibility in real-time to best leverage the mobile technology their guests expect. This is an advantage of cloud-based technology which directly impacts the guests and their perceptions. Today’s traveler seeks greater control of their hotel guest experience from start to finish and a mobile app provided by the hotel and driven in the cloud by the hotel’s PMS will enable them to do so.

With a hotel app downloaded to their mobile device, guests can chose from among common variables such as, room size and bed type, to customizing the room temperature and even ordering food and beverages. Various hotel extra services and amenities, such as spa treatments, may also be ordered by the hotel guest directly from their smartphone. All in advance of their stay, if so desired, from a mobile device armed with an app from the hotel. Also these settings and preferences may additionally be maintained in place and be waiting for the guest upon their next arrival, either at that location or another in the case of a chain.

Travelers are now bringing their own entertainment content with them on their mobile devices. They desire television access to their various content services such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Smart televisions provided in-room would enable hotel guests to do so. The in-room guest experience is being completely transformed.  Cloud-based technology enables guests to control, either through their own mobile device or one provided by the hotel, all aspects of their hotel room.


Cloud-driven PMS systems will facilitate hotels in offering unprecedented levels of guest personalization, and do so at a significantly lower cost than legacy systems. Through the creation of guest profiles, individual preferences, likes and dislikes on everything from dietary needs and allergies to pillow preferences can be better managed from the cloud. Special offers and promotions built around a guest’s passion for fishing, but one of many examples, may be tracked with offers being sent to each individual past guest in a timely manner.

These are just a few possibilities available to hoteliers in providing greater levels of personalized customer service offered by cloud-hosted software. The hotel guest experience is being literally transformed in the cloud by hotels with forward vision.

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