Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Creating A Personalized Hotel Stay For Guests - Part 3

In efforts to bring personalization into the guest experience during the stay, the hotel property itself is where technology can truly shine for hoteliers. Traditionally, the hospitality industry has been slow to adopt many of the new and innovative technologies available. Lack of funding is most often cited as the reason for this situation. However, the implementation of room technology can raise the hotel guest experience to new heights and improve hotel efficiency in the process.

The Smart Hotel Room

The new smart hotel room experience begins when the guest arrives at the door to their accommodations. By eliminating room keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten, hoteliers can allow customized room access to guests via an app on their smartphones. Keyless hotel room entry offers guests a greater level of security as well. Upon entry the guest may even continue using their phone to turn on and adjust the lighting and temperature in their accommodations. The same technology that provides guests more direct control of the climate in their room, grants hotels a greater degree of automated control once the guest leaves the room or checks out. Having this capability can raise hotel energy efficiency standards dramatically for hoteliers.

Consumers are increasingly embracing voice control technology within their homes. This offers another personalization opportunity for hotels, but which has seen limited implementation to date. This is probably because the learning curve in the beginning for users can be rather steep. If guests have trouble using such a system they will either abandon it or be making calls for the assistance to hotel staff, defeating the purpose. However, as voice command technology improves and becomes more ubiquitous, many hotels will be compelled to get onboard.

The traveler of today expects the same standards of digital accessibility found in their homes, available to them when they travel and stay in a hotel. The smart hotel room provides guests the ability to fully and seamlessly utilize all the capabilities of their various mobile and online devices during their stay, as if they are at home. High-Speed Internet access in smart hotel accommodations, in addition to common areas of the hotel, is a top priority for travelers and a necessary requirement for them to access streamed entertainment.

Travelers are now bringing their own entertainment content with them on their mobile devices. What they need is television access to their various streaming content services, such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. This has created the necessity of truly high-speed Internet in every room. Smart televisions provided in-room would enable hotel guests to entertain themselves on their own terms. The days of hotel rooms merely offering cable TV to their guests is now in the past. The added benefits for hoteliers for smart televisions is that they offer the elimination of external cable or satellite boxes and greater control for the hotel of content they provide.

Affording a greater degree of control to the guest over every aspect of their hotel experience is the key to creating a more personalized experience for them.

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